Chalices are cauldrons on a stem. It symbolizes the
Goddess and fertility, and is related to the element of Water.
It can be used for salt water cleansings, filled with water on your
altar to represent the element of water, or filled with wine or
juice during ritual and shared within the circle.
Your Chalice can be
made of: brass, earthenware, crystal, silver, gold, glass, just to name a few.

The chalice is a symbol of the element of water.

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S/P Pentacle Inside Chalice 6"


Silver Plated 7.5" Pentacle Goblet


Silver Plated Pentacle Chalice 5.5"


Silver Plated Pentacle Chalice 6"


Mini Pentacle Chalice 5"

Stem is a little different on the mini

Triple Goddess Chalice 6"


Triple Goddess Chalice 5"


Fancy Stem Pentacle 8'" Chalice

Chalice shows without Pentacle
waiting for the right picture.


Silver and Brass Small Chalice


A small brass based with silver top
chalice with a pentagram etched on it.
 Size: height 4.5 inches, cup opens to 1.5 inches.

Brass Chalice


Cup exterior has engraved design;
cup interior is silver plated.
Approx. 6" tall


Silver Celtic Chalice
Buy This Celtic Pentagram Chalice


Blue Cobalt Glass 7.25"


Silver Wiccan Pentagram 8"
Buy This Celtic Pentagram Chalice

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