Gypsy's Candles 

Candle magick is perhaps the simplest form of magick anyone can perform.
 It is also, the most effective. When we use candles in our magick, we are empowering the
candles with our own energy, possibly with an elemental attribute, and we can also use
the color of the candle to assist in proper state of mind for the particular spell.

Our New Candles are Unscented and uncharged. Convenient, easy to transport,
 very focused, and just plain practical Magick!!

Element Candles

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Spell Candles

Human Figure Candles
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Votives Candles
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Ritual Candles

Witch Candle

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Before I tell you about Spell Candles, we need to keep in mind

The Law of Three

"Whatever you do will return to you threefold."

Spell Candle Magick:

A form of magick that uses colored candles to represent things and people
at which the spells are directed. Each color
symbolizes a different attribute,
influence and emotion.


Merry Meet.... Merry Part....

Merry Meet Again


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