Brooms are used in cleansing an area for your Ritual.
It gets rid of unwanted energies. Some say it's not alright
to let your broom touch the ground. I allow
my broom to touch the ground. In Wiccan Handfastings,
the newly joined couple "Jumps the Broom," symbolizing
their setting up housekeeping together.

Ritual Brooms
Sweep away Negativity

Handcrafted besom, made with materials from Nature.
Handles are made from tree branches with leather thong
threaded through the end for handing. Please allow
for variations. Each one is unique. Approx. 21"' long.

Ritual Brooms


Ritual Broom
These beautiful besoms are crafted out of
smoked bamboo and sticky rice. Please allow
for variations and color. (No choice of color)
Approx. 35'' long.

Handcrafted Ritual Besom


These beautiful besoms are hand crafted.
Please allow for variations
Approx. 39'' long.

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Merry Meet Again

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